Handling non-PDF file attachments with Papers 3

9 Février 2014

Before switching back to BibDesk, I tried Papers3 for some weeks. One of the problems I encountered was the inability to open files attached to a reference with anything else but either the integrated viewer (who can display only PDF and some picture formats) or a given external viewer, usually Skim or the system default Preview. This made Papers3 unusable with things like DJVU attachments, most text formats, and the like, because the obvious and stupid setting to “open attachments in default applications” doesn’t exist.

The solution was to create a little Cocoa application whose sole job is to forward the file it’s been asked to open to a different program. I wrote MultiOpen, the most useless application ever. Opening a file with MultiOpen simply opens it with its default viewer.

As usual, the source code is available on GitHub. I stole most of it from this StackOverflow question and a bit more from this MacRumors forum thread. If you want/need an executable version (a .app), feel free to ask in the comments, I’ll push one. Please note this is provided only as a trick, I’m not using Papers anymore, so I don’t plan to do any update to MultiOpen. Anyway, I believe the code is simple enough for anyone able to write Objective-C (not me, then) to use.