Hello, world!

Restarting this website, mostly to put a bunch of stuff that don’t have a place elsewhere. This is meant as a place to collect a few things I’ve done, among which you may be interested in:

  • Write Yourself a Git!, a learn-by-doing git tutorial where you learn git fundamentals by reimplementing git.
  • sway.el, an Emacs communication library to the Sway window manager.
  • pgp-words, a Rust implementation of the PGP Word List.
  • More anecdotal things are on my GitHub.
  • My PGP key can be found here. I mostly use this for signing commits and authenticating to SSH servers. If you need to give me access to some server, just authorize all the A subkeys. There are encryption subkeys as well, so I guess you can send me encrypted e-mail, too, if you feel like it. If you want to doublecheck, its fingerprint is D2A2F0A1E7A85E6FB711DEE563A44817A52EAB7B (in pgp-words: standard Pacific unearth outfielder / transit paramount eyeglass hemisphere / seabird Babylon tactics travesty / flatfoot Pandora deadbolt bookseller / reindeer coherence rhythm inferno)

I can be found on Bluesky and Mastodon.